Meet Us At CeBIT 2018

Meet Us At CeBIT 2018
We are delighted to collaborate with the Department of Economic Promotion and Investment of the Marshal's Office of Lower Silesia and represent the region’s innovative sector at CeBIT 2018 - Europe's business festival for innovation and digitization.

CeBIT is another occasion to see for yourself that the future is already here. What you need now are powerful technology solutions that make your business more intelligent, and workforce - more efficient. And next week (June 11-15) we are at your disposal for any further information concerning such solutions for your business.

Find us @CeBIT -> hall 26 -> booth D58

Stop by our booth and learn how your company can benefit from future-forward technology & smart IT management. Here are just a few ideas of what we can discuss:

Augmented reality (AR) powered solutions for streamlining manufacturing processes, design, logistics and knowledge management

With AR your employees can get clear descriptive guidance in front of their eyes, so that they can perform their tasks step by step straight away with no prior training or mentors around needed. This is especially important in the production environment where the absence of real-time relevant data can lead to disruptions and accidents.

AR is essential for testing the equipment and vehicle design early on. 3D design reproduction in augmented reality eliminates the need to actually build a machine to check its ergonomics or correspondence to use environment. It also can be used for creating interactive documentation and hands-on tutorials for machine operators and maintenance teams.

Automating microbiological analysis with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)

Inspired with the idea to improve the reliability of computer object detection and eliminate the necessity to handle it manually, we offer the way to speed up the microbiology analysis and improve its accuracy with the help of AI and deep learning.

Such method helps to eliminate fully the necessity of having a human specialist involved in samples analysis (read cost reduction), speed up the process, increase the accuracy, as well as minimize the risk of human error in this process.

Read more about deep learning potential in microbiology analysis here.


Be the first to learn about our spinoff product from one of its creators. nsFLOW is the all-in-one platform that transforms the process of creating AR applications by moving it from the sphere of customized services to DIY zone.

We believe that similar to videos that even a child can shoot nowadays (whereas a few decades ago it required certain skills and equipment), augmented reality can be created directly by users with no coding skills or special devices.

If you’re attending CeBIT 2018 and interested to learn more about the above-mentioned and other things we are doing - book a meeting with our team.

Contact person @CeBIT :

Piotr Ziemba
Email: p.ziemba@neurosys.com
Tel.: +48 733 791 316
Twitter: @piotr_ziemba

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Last by not least, tech showcasing should never be boring. So we’ve prepared a little surprise for you that will be exclusively available only during CeBIT 2018 - the augmented reality game for training your entrepreneurship skills while exploring the potential of AR using Vuzix M300 smart glasses.

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