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NeuroSYS is one of the most innovative companies both on the Polish and on the European market. Our main domain is providing tailored IT solutions to accelerate growth of your business. Our solutions improve the smoothness of work and integrate relevant business processes, significantly lowering the operational costs. Nothing is impossible for us. We can transform every, even the most atypical project into an IT solution tailored for our customer’s needs. We can say with all certainty that functionality, individual approach, and innovational character of our solutions have been confirmed by both local and global enterprises of various types and from diverse business sectors.


When we work on the projects, we use proven methods of work such as: Agile and Scrum, so you can be sure that we are an organisation that never ceases to develop itself and to work for the customer’s success. Thanks to our experience and our team of competent employees, we have the knowledge and experience needed to carry out a project, whatever the sector and character of the business..

Agile methodology:

We can conduct an extensive analysis of your needs and design comprehensive IT solutions. Our team of experienced and passionate programmers will certainly be able to help with the implementation of a new solution and with its integration with the company’s existing IT environment.

We believe that in the near future we will be able to meet you and help with your project. We consider ourselves enthusiasts and as such we will be able to implement every, even the most atypical project.

The services provided by Neurosys are not limited to only one form of outsourcing. We offer our customers a number of services adjusted to their business profile, location of project implementation, and the scope of tasks entrusted to us. We guarantee that we assign utmost importance to the customer and the individual character of their business – below we present a number of services provided by us that may help your organisation achieve success.

A.Nearshore outsourcing

If the company that wants us to provide a service or carry out a project is located near our office, the option of nearshore outsourcing is definitely worth considering. When we are at the same place, we can arrange a meeting and discuss all details of cooperation face-to- face. Wrocław is an ideal place for business talks and conferences. Flight connections with the entire Europe and a network of highways connecting the largest cities make us your neighbours – and therefore we can easily meet you to discuss the details of our cooperation.

B.Offshore outsourcing

When the distance does not permit frequent meetings, the service of offshore outsourcing is the optimal solution. Thanks to the use of the ultimate technologies we are able to adapt to the character of our counterparty’s business. In everyday communication we use Skype, which is why we are at your constant disposal. To prove that borders between countries do not limit us in any sense, we can refer to our cooperation with partners on four continents, who speak of our services in the most dazzling terms.

C.Outsourcing of projects

When a customer comes to us with a specific project in mind but does not have the resources needed for its implementation, we rise to the challenge and offer full subcontracting. The NeuroSYS programmer team will be glad to design and create dedicated software, mobile applications, modernisation works, and will help to take care of systems already existing in your company. The scope of the project and the challenges encountered during modernisation works gives us an opportunity to broaden our horizons, which is why we carry out every order with high precision and dedication.

D.Outsourcing of teams

In some cases our client definitely prefers our personnel to design dedicated solutions in the office of the organisation for which the project has been commissioned. In such projects we provide our customer with a well-coordinated team to their disposition. The team will take care of comprehensive services from documentation through coding to testing. This solution will give you time to focus on your primary business activity, lower the costs, and eliminate the tedious recruitment process. Additionally, the company will gain an end-to- end management of the entire IT process, avoiding time-consuming trainings and loss of experts.

E.Outsourcing of experts

If the organisation initially wishes to obtain the assistance of a qua- lified expert who would fulfill all its requirements and expectations, we proceed to the selection of an appropriate candidate who would complement their team and become a valuable addition to the company.

Depending on the business model chosen, we offer the following forms of financial settlement for the works provided.


This option consists in a settlement for the actual working time at hourly (or daily) rates on the basis of periodic reports approved by the customer (nearshore, offshore). This model of work gives many opportunities on the stage of planning the intensity of tasks for each team and proves useful in the reduction of costs of full-time or task- based employment.


If the customer already has a fixed action plan, knows how the final product or service is supposed to look like, but lacks time for a comprehensive supervision of the process, the fixed-price model is worth considering. This form of cooperation permits to define earlier the scope of obligations necessary for the completion of a turnkey project. The works take place at the NeuroSYS office (offshore). It is a convenient opportunity for the customers who want to focus mainly on the primary activity of their company and at the same time value progress and development of their offer of products and services.

We also accept other forms of cooperation. We are able to design a cooperation model tailored to the needs of every individual customer.

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